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ruffle tank

This was made from what I believe was a curtain, which I bought because I liked the sheer woven cotton.  It was going to be for a masquerade ball costume, but I went as the invisible man instead of a Jane Austen character (ran out of time!) and didn't need this fabric, so it ended up in my stash for a while.  I finally made this tank!  I reused the ruffles that were on the bottom of the curtain for some details, some very easy details, actually.  You can't see them too well in this picture, though, sorry! 

I think it looks great, and I'll be able to wear this one a lot.

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Periodic Table T-Shirt Surgery!

Hurray! Still able to post here, although our days are numbered refashionistas!

Just popped in to shoe you my latest refashion. Right now I'm working on turning a men's suit jacket into a sailor suit for my little monster, but that is slow going! Keep an eye on my blog for it though, I have to have it done by Saturday!

Instead, I reconstructed this shirt from a huge tee my dad bought me from Questacon in Canberra.

I cut up a second tee to make contrast sleeves and hood. It even has a surprise back!

A keyhole! It turned out sooo perfect, even though my husband was hovering anxiously over my shoulder while I did it. He really has no faith in me, that kid! I discovered the trick is to make the binding just that bit shorter than the circumference of the hole, it kinda pulls everything tighter and flat.


Lol my cartoon character hair! But a close up of the shirt print! [does my crooked septum ring annoy you? it seems to bug all my friends. I never see it so I don't care, I just think it's funny they get so agitated!]

Chillin with 3/4 of my stormies ^_^

GUESS WHAT! I wrote a tutorial for it! Check it out here!

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Once upon a time, was a white linen top, remaining on a shelf because its owner thought it was too short.

On another shelf, a dress was also waiting for better days. Its shape did not satisfied any of the girls who had tried it.

Eventually, they met and decided to spend the rest of their lives together, thinking that in spite of losing some bits and pieces during the process, they will at last see the world.

The former strap became a belt.

2011-01-19 001

peplum top refashion

Even though I thought I had already put up my last post, I managed to get some more photos before it was too late!

The original had the peplum and it had puffy raglan sleeves, and it was also much too big.  I cut the sleeves along the raglan, leaving the seam allowance, and cut close to the elastic on the neckline.  Then I sewed the side seams, ending at the peplum, and topstitched closed the box pleat, and finally stitched down the seam allowance from the raglan to finish the armholes.

Even though pink is not really my color, the dip-dye and the interesting shaping made it for me.

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Little Miss Naughty!

Hi! I was super happy to find this lil miss t-shirt at a local thrift shop in brand new condition... but it was alil plain: 100_4429 So I cut off the sleeves, widened the neckline&sewed the sleeves back on as hip pockets! 100_4441 I cut the back into a racer back shape then used a piece of the old ribbed neckline to cinch it together for a gathered look: 100_4449
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Tiny tartan skirt

Happy belated New Year, everyone! Here's my first refashion: I used leftover material from the tartan skirt and the green dress I refashioned earlier to make a kilt-like skirt for my friends' new baby. 


I really enjoyed making this because it took so little time and material - I have to make more baby clothes in the future!



$3 Dress

Hi! I bought this dress the other day for $3 =) It was a sz 14/16: 100_4343
I wasn't in love with my 1st refashion: 100_4381 So I took my sissors to it again: 100_4424 Loving my end fits great and is super comfortable =)

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