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Well, this is probably it.  Even though I have been on WR for only a few months, refashioning has been something that I've been doing for a long time and will keep doing for as long as I am able.  I want to thank Nikki for having this blog and letting us all put our projects on it, and for getting me started in the world of blogging.  Thanks for everything!  It's been fun.

Grampa's vest
This is a vest made from all recycled yarn for my Gramps for Christmas, and today was his first  time wearing it.  I got very lucky with the yarn, because I actually had two sweaters that were both from Old Navy (I thrifted them, though) and both had the same fiber content and weight.   This is also my first intarsia work, and I think it looks okay!

Ive's vest1
This one is my sister's Christmas gift, also made from recycled yarn.  The pattern I made myself (slightly baggy...) with a bobble stitch from this pattern.  I actually had two of the original sweaters for this too, and I made a sweater for my brother with one a while back.  Don't worry, it looks stylish on him, I just couldn't take a picture in time.  I still have enough yarn to knit a sweater for myself (the originals were HUGE)!

This is actually me, and this is actually an old picture, but I pulled this sweater to make the same version for my mom in a different size.  Unfortunately, not as different as I had thought, and she's waiting for me to reknit it again in a smaller size...luckily the bulky yarn and large needles make that a quick thing to do.  This was also from recycled yarn.

Hat 1
And finally, I knit something for myself.  After months of Christmas knitting, and a few IOU projects still to finish, I needed something for myself that wasn't too time consuming.  This is a hat made from lion brand wool-ease thick & quick, the skein was a Christmas gift (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) and the pattern is a second version of one that I made for my sister, using the same yarn as the greenish sweater above that is supposed to be my mom's.

For more pictures go here on my blog.  Free hat pattern here.