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Thanks. . . it was fun

the size 14 to size 6 shorts

Hey, it's vic!

this is a pair of shorts that was once a size 14, but now it fits me.  They are now some of my favorite shorts!

Shorts 2
I took them in on the side seams and the back seam, ripping/cutting and then resewing the waistband, and then topstitching it into place.  It was a little tricky, but I've done pants and shorts before without that step and the finished thing doesn't look very finished. 

One thing I should mention - because I didn't take in the inside seam, the shorts came out kind of baggy with wide legs and a low crotch.  If you sew a pair that isn't way too much bigger than you, you won't have to worry about that.  I didn't worry about it because I kind of like the look myself!

To see some tips on how to do it yourself (not quite a tutorial, sorry!), check it out on my blog