A few recent "cheater" refashions.

Keepin busy!

Hi! Today I somehow got all motivated to "refashion" my sewing room...1st I moved out an old dresser & a set of plastic storage draws and swapped them with an old bookcase I had in the garage...I would love to give the bookcase a face lift and have some matching boxes on the shelves for all my stuff but it's way better than before so it'll do for now =) I also cleaned all the mess..patterns, buttons, threads, unused sewing machine...off my overlocker table so now it's all nice&neat well at least until the next bomb goes off!

  100_3614 100_3616

I've also been working on a bunch of stuff for myself, my boys and even making some christmas gifts too.

For me...a little bow&button hair clip..from the strippy shirt:


And skull pillow for my bed (although i have a feeling my lil man will claim this!) The skull was from a thrifted $1 tee and the black fabric was from my stash:

100_3606 100_3626

For my boys...stuffed toy candycanes made from fabric and trim from my stash and stuffed using an old pillow:

For gifts:

Blue cord from my stash and bright picture from a thrifted tee made a cool shopping bag

100_3603 100_3604

Random fabric from my stash made into a nifty market bag
100_3610 100_3611