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How would you refashion it (men's shirts)? and so long!

How would you refashion it? (jeans)

This is a follow on from the 'How would you refashion it? (purple skirt)' post from last week which has been updated to include a list of comments and ideas for refashioning skirts into new and exciting clothes items.

I have now updated this post to include lots of great ideas on how to refashion jeans and demin!

This weeks question is: How would you refashion a pair/stack of jeans?

Share your links and ideas with me in the comments on Grey Duckling or Wardrobe Refashion or twitter (@EddieDuckling) and I will include them into the post together with some of my favourite jeans refashions.

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This is also posted on Grey Duckling!


Let's have a look at all the ideas for jeans refashioning that were contributed from Wardrobe Refashion and Grey Duckling:

  • "As you've got a lot of pairs, have you thought about a chair cover?" says Fiona from The Eco Stitcher
  • "My first-ever refashion was a throw blanket made from all of my old pairs of jeans. I used the different washes to make a "round the world" pattern, then used other bits of leftover fabric around the edges. On top of those non-denim sections, I sewed on the back pockets from the jeans I had cut up. The pockets hung over the edge of the bed and were great for storing things like a tv remote, a small paperback, or my glasses." says Jilly Bean from Knit Like a Rock Star
  • "I cut up a stack of old jeans and made a quilt" says Maggie from Pearl Schell
  • "I once used a pair of jeans to make a onesy for myself" says Victoria Clark
  • "You should call past the Ecouterre recycled denim challenge Hun. There is so much inspiration there" says Stephanie from moobeardesigns
  • "Maybe use a yoke (like what you did for the black linen pants convert) and make gores from the other jeans, providing they aren’t too heavy weight. I’ve made jeans quilts and placemats, totes, music stand carriers from jeans, too" says Wendy
  • "I like the idea of turning the top part into a short skirt and adding layered frills to the bottom. The overall skirt should be above the knee." says Cherrie from willywagtail
  • "The last issue of Marie-Claire Idees (a French magazine) had an example of strips of cut off jeans and woven onto a peg loom to create a rug.
    A previous issue was focusing on denim, and there was a few nice ideas. For instance a denim covered board on which back pockets, lighter pockets and belt loops from different jeans had been sewn to create a kind of desk organiser board."
    says Cecile
  • "I made my dog a pillowcase and I want to make a blanket next" says Bethany from MrsMulticraft

That's all the ideas you sent me for now. But if you have anymore keep them coming in the comments and I will add them to the post.I am loving  all the ideas and I will make something from my pile of jeans asap.

Now for the ideas I found: