Rope and jewels

Blog list?

I hope it's ok to do this but I'd love to collect the blog urls of any of you who've posted here before.I'd like to follow your refashioning adventures in the future.

Please comment with your url so I and others can bookmark. :)




Thanks so mush for creating this space where we could share and enjoy each other's work. The blog will be missed greatly but I totally understand why you have to make decision's like this. *hugs* I am not new to refashioning but I never knew there were others out there who would rather use what they had than buy from the store. Or would rather go thrifting than purchasing retail all the time. Finding out I'm not alone has been huge for me. I found a place I belong and can post without feeling judged for being "poor" (which I am not just thrifty.) or not haivng things other might.

Keep refashioning all!

Bethany of mrsmulticraft