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Keepin busy!

Hi! Today I somehow got all motivated to "refashion" my sewing room...1st I moved out an old dresser & a set of plastic storage draws and swapped them with an old bookcase I had in the garage...I would love to give the bookcase a face lift and have some matching boxes on the shelves for all my stuff but it's way better than before so it'll do for now =) I also cleaned all the mess..patterns, buttons, threads, unused sewing my overlocker table so now it's all nice&neat well at least until the next bomb goes off!

  100_3614 100_3616

I've also been working on a bunch of stuff for myself, my boys and even making some christmas gifts too.

For me...a little bow&button hair clip..from the strippy shirt:


And skull pillow for my bed (although i have a feeling my lil man will claim this!) The skull was from a thrifted $1 tee and the black fabric was from my stash:

100_3606 100_3626

For my boys...stuffed toy candycanes made from fabric and trim from my stash and stuffed using an old pillow:

For gifts:

Blue cord from my stash and bright picture from a thrifted tee made a cool shopping bag

100_3603 100_3604

Random fabric from my stash made into a nifty market bag
100_3610 100_3611


Wintery Warmth

Here are some things I've made (for me)  Taking a bit of a break from making to sell....a new kerchief from old t-shirts, and a dress in progress inspired by Frida Kahlo..made from sweatshirt fleece and scraps from other projects.  I have to say thanks to Nikki for a life changing few months of sharing something I have always done with a lot of like minded really nice people....

Newbie intro.


I have have been peering at the sight for ages & finalally decided to take the plunge and  officially joined on 31st Aug & I am just now getting round to posting! 

I figured I might as well go the whole hog & just start as I mean to go on & re-fashion for life.  

I have been re-making my own clothes since I was a child - just very little alterations (either for fit or changing buttons etc) & I have bought 99% of my clothing from charity shops since my mum stopped buying my clothes when I was a teenager - I figured if I spent less on clothes I'd have more money for partying ;-) ... but it has only been since I had my daughter (July 2009) that I really began to think about the clothes I wear (as well as homeware things i.e. cushions & bedding etc).  well enough about me over to my refashioning...

a refashion before...



after... DSCF3954

please ignore the stubble! ;-) - I went to a costume party!

Super Easy Knit Fingerless Gloves

I've been wanting a pair of fingerless gloves for a while now but hadn't found a pattern that I thought I could manage. I actually tried a few patterns but ended up getting confused and ripping them out. So finally I just made up my own. If you can knit at all you can make these. There's no increasing, no decreasing, nothing complicated.

Pattern on my blog

3xl to cute top

Sometimes the best accesorized shirts or teeshirts are in Plus sizes. But i decided i was going to take my recent kick of refashioning all my boxy teeshirts into cute shapely feminie teshirts and apply it to cute plus sizes. let me know what you think?

Random refashion 115 
this is the before and..........................

Random refashion 117 
After, I love it with the skinny jeans. sometimes i just want to put on a tshirt and run out of the house but  end up with hubby's boxy teshirt. so my goal is to refaashion all my tshirts and so plus sizes to all my tee shirt options will be cute. No need to be frumping for me anymore. Plus now i know which tshirts are mine and which are my husbands.

Some more.......

Random refashion 113 
Another Half and Half the top . Loved the gold sweater but it was too short, and the white top was streachy cotton lycra mix, took in the white shirt bottom used a large area so i would have much needed midsection coverage, gold sweater sleves were lack luster so the sleaves i cut shortened them and reatached them again to the remaining sleeve.

Random refashion 112 
Tada!!!!, it may not be a croud pleaser, but I love it. I cant figure out what to wear it with but i liked it with the belt, but ill post without belt. Any suggetions on what to wear it with?

Random refashion 108 
ho hum kinda boring it looks so vanilla how should i wear it?

A few more finished items

Random refashion 040 
I bought this sweater because my office was so cold, but then i thought i could make this so i created a pattern out of the original sweater, and used a soft jersey fabric that i had and created the twin to this sweater, and I took the sweater back. 

Random refashion 038 
How close did i get to the original. I didnt finish any edges (love that jersey knit)