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I'm a Ditz with Knits

Wedsss 002 (1024x768) 

Even though I'm a ditz with knits, when I push myself to work with them, I usually like the results.  This top is New Look 6901, and I am so so pleased with it! 

Participating in Self-Stitched September was a last-minute decision for me--mainly because I didn't find out about it until September 1st!  I pledged to wear something (at least one item) self-sewn every work day in September.  It wasn't long 'til I was out of tops, and I didn't want to be a one-trick (skirt) pony, so I gave 
this a try.

Here is some dim, rainy-day detail of the shoulder:

  Wedsss 005 (1024x768)

I know that doesn't look like much, but trust me, I was very proud of myself when it came out that neatly!  When you don't have a serger, they tell you to either use a shallow zig zag stitch or stretch the fabric while sewing a straight stitch.  I used a combination of both techniques--zigs for the seams that don't show and stretching for those that are visible. 

The top got LOTS of compliments at work that day!  People loved the neckline and were suprised when I said I made it.  To see a picture of it in action, check out Darling Petunia.

Also, if you'd like to see the full month's worth of outfits:  Fashion Show!  :)

The project actually inspired me to work on more tops, so those will be coming up soon as well.  I'm always looking for good patterns for tops. Any favorites?