A holiday gift from stash + scraps
zigzag tunic sweater

An end-of-summertime refashion, finally shared.

4889027269_ded1350484_b This cardigan came from my closet--my mom bought it for me in early summer for 13.00 at Macy's.  Anyhow, I thrifted a dresser scarf with embroidered bluebirds/swallows on each end. It was $1.75, but now I have this fabulous embellished cardigan, plus I still have another set of the birds--perfect for a gift project. Old dresser scarves and small cloths for covering occasional tables are great for finding funky embroidery for applique--often the linen will have a coffee stain or a few worn spots, but that doesn't matter when you're not using the entire item! I wear cardigans a lot at work, because I like to cover most of my tattoos while teaching [even though I teach adults, I find that they can be easily distracted]. However, one-of-a-kind cardigans are much cooler than plain-Jane ones. :) This is also detailed on my blog, with more photos and a few directions, if anyone's interested.