Anthropologie Inspired T-shirt
A Bit of Refashion and a Lot from Scratch

A bit of refashioning, a bit of starting a project over . . .

I am a first-time 4-month pledge taker, and I'm thrilled to have made it 1/4 of the way through without so much as a temptation to buy new clothes. I have a bit of an added obstacle--since June, I've been on a weight-loss regimen. I've lost about 30 pounds, and right now I'm hitting the point where my pants are NOT fitting. However, I'm going to see if I can't meet the challenge of sticking with the WardrobeRefashion pledge.

Recently, I've just started fall term (I teach community college), so I've been doing a bit of small changes (button switches, hemming, etc.) on clothes, and I've recently scored 4 vintage patterns for 25 cents each, so those are on my to-do list, too.

Lately, though, the bane of my existence is a denim apron dress I made by using a 1970s Butterick pattern and two yards of denim I bought last year and never used . . . I've decided after having it 80% done that I don't like that I used beige top-stitching on it, so I'm ripping that out to redo it in black. sigh.  I'll be so excited to show it off when it's done--it's very retro cool, and other than the top-stitching debacle, it looks great. I had to resize the pattern a bit, and it's my first experience with that, too, so I'm sure I'll be quite proud of it when it's finally done and wearable.