Greetings from a newbie!
Hello from St. Louis!!

One Year Later...

Hey there, new Refashioners!  It's nice to see so many new

I'm in the middle of a six-month stretch, but I've been lagging.  I haven't fallen off the no-shopping bandwagon exactly, but I got to the point where I felt like I just didn't need to sew anything, either. 

But...hooo boy...I went on a magazine jag and found myself getting all wanty for new Fall pretties.  Eek.

I've joined up with the Self-Stitched September gang, hoping to distract myself from retail wantiness and refocus on handmade and refashioned goodness. 

SSS 003 (768x1024)

This was my choice for day one of the challenge.  It's not new, I made it last summer, but this was its inaugural wearing.  More about the dress right here