A pink mens shirt re-fashion
Sweater Refashion

I'm back, and there's lots to catch up on :-)

I've re-pledged for another 6 months and though I have been refashioning away, I have gotten caught up blogging my Me-Made-May over here.  So now working backwards....

Yesterday I finished this black cardi with yellow ruffles.


I used the ruffle idea from this Anthropologie Whirl and Wind Cardi

I think the buttons are straight, its just the way I am standing.  Here is the before, just a plain black jumper and some leftover t-shirt scraps:

I cut a deep V-neck and hemmed the edges, added the buttons (fake, there are no buttonholes) and then added the ruffle.  I used Made-By-Rae's tip of just shoving as much material under the presser foot to get the uneven ruffles.

Next up were a couple of bootleg to skinn-leg jeans refashions. I can't recall if it was on here that I saw how to do it or somewhere else.  But you just put your jeans on inside out, pin/mark where you want to take them in to, take off, sew, trim and you are done.


I love them so much I did a grey pair too.

This girls top is kind of a refashion.  The pink material is from the op-shop and the Smurfette motif was salvaged from an otherwise stained top.  I just appliqued using some fusible web, and now Little Miss has a non-boring new top at the grand cost of under $1.

Another girls refashion.
These dresses are my start on Little Miss's winter wardrobe, they are Little Blue Boo style using a bunch of old shirts in my refashioning pile.  Super easy to do on the overlocker.

And I think that's me caught up for now :-)