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Toddler Pants

My little one is very particular about her wardrobe, especially pants. Toddler-Jeans sold in stores here in Germany seem to be cut very tight these days – I really wonder at the people who design those things.... Do they have children? My mother-in-law brought over a bunch of second-hand Jeans for my daughter and she will not wear any of them since she can not even properly move in them. I really think it is a sad state of affairs that two-year-olds are put into “fashionable” clothes that make them look like tiny teenagers! I mean, don't get me wrong, I like to put my girl in cute stuff as much as the next mum, but I had rather look her less fashionable and have her be able to run around...

Luckily we Refashionistas don't depend on store-bought clothes, do we? The pants for this post are made from the same pattern than these, and Finja wears them all the time. Actually the pants were supposed to be completely made of the green stretch denim (an old pair of woman's pants) but I made a stupid mistake while cutting the legs out, leaving me with too little fabric. I rummaged in the depths of my fabric drawers and found a small piece of blue corduroy, I dimly remember a pair of pants made from this fabric when I was around 16... I'm a little worried about myself – I might have some messy-tendencies...!

Oh, by the way – pop over to my bilingual sewing blog tinkelstein-design for a tutorial about making your own (stylish yet affordable) fabric labels!

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