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How to Make a Cute Purse from a Pair of Old Blue Jeans

Denim Pants Purse

I've always wanted to make a purse from a pair of old blue jeans, but hadn't had the time to try it out until last night. This is so easy!  The only thing that isn't finished yet is the twisty handles, but I had to share it with you while I had the time to post.

Mark wear you want to cut

First you draw a line about and inch and a half down from the inseam across both legs. 

Cut legs off with pinking shears
Then cut the legs off with pinking shears to keep the raw edges from unraveling too much.

Pin leg holes together and stitch
Turn pants wrong side out and then pin along a 5/8" seam line. Stitch TWICE for extra strength.

Sew two inches across corners

Flatten out the bottom of the 'purse' by pulling the fabric from either side of the seam line out. You will end up with points on the side seams and the inseams. Sew horizontal seam on inseam and outer leg seam

Pin these flat and stitch 1 1/2 to 2 inches across. Stitch again. This gives you a 'base' for your purse. Trim the points off or fold to the centers of each leg hole to make a stronger base for the purse and tack in place.

Sewing horizontally on side and inseams
You need to do this for both leg holes. When you open out the seams and pull the corners flat, the seam line used to close the leg holes should be at the same level as the crotch. They should match.

Finished jean purse without embellishments
Now turn the purse right side out. Great job!!  Now the hard part is done!  On to the fun stuff!

Pin lace to bottom of purse
My next step was to pin some really nice leftover cotton lace to the bottom to make it look more like a skirt than shorts. I stitched it on by hand. But if you thought about it in time, I guess you could do that with the machine before sewing the leg holes closed. But I didn't think about the trim until afterwards..Ha!

 Thread ribbon or rope in waist band and make bow
I had some ribbon on hand which I laced through the belt holes, but you could even use a small real belt or cotton rope. Whatever you think would make it cute, would be great!  Also, I sewed some really nice buttons on the front. I was going to put button holes in, but I was afraid it would be too much trouble to use when opening and closing the purse, so I used velcro circles inside the jeans instead. The buttons are just for looks. 

Make handles

The last thing would be the handles. I had not finished those when I took the pix, but I just cut two long strips from the leftover pants legs, folded them in half lengthwise like bias tape and stitched them closed for straps.

I also twisted them to make them more like 'rope' and then attached them to the front and back of the pants, like normal purse straps about four inches in from the left and right side seams. You could also purchase purse straps to finish this, but that would defeat the purpose of 're-fashioning' just a little.


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