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Finished! At Last!

Halfway There!

Skirts 033 (1024x768) 

I said I'd refashion five skirts by Sunday, and I'm halfway there! 

Now, a lot of you apologize when you post something that isn't a dramatic refashion, and every single time I think, "Hey, they make something wearable, that counts!"  Such is the case with these skirts.  I didn't change them at all except to make them fit, but fit is the most important part of all, isn't it?  It got them out of the pile and into my closet, so I AM HAPPY!  :-D

There are more details about how I go about taking in a skirt at Darling Petunia.  Not rocket science, but I've come a long way since the days when I just zipped a new seam up the side without regard to little things like, oh, the hem, lol.  Heck, my first method of getting a skirt to fit was to use a safety pin!