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Kiddie refashions

I've been working away at some quick refashions for the kiddies.  First up Little Miss needed some new swimmers as she was getting quite a few "plumber's crack" comments at her swimming lessons!  So I took a dress of mine from about 10 years ago (knew I kept it for a reason) which was made out of swimsuit material, and using the worn out swimmers as a pattern I cut a new pair for her.  She really likes them.

And then not a sewing refashion, but refashion none the less was these cute little pink baby shoes

That hove now become cute little black baby shoes for my Little Man with the help of a permanent marker.

I imagine that over the coming months there will be quite a few girl to boy refashions as I try to make the most of Little Miss's hand-me-downs.

Hi to all the new refashioners!  I've lost track of what month I am on for this pledge, but will take the plunge and pledge for life at the next round.  This site has changed my whole approach to clothing and shopping....and I love it!

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