Wrap around maternity top & pattern

Using a round tablecloth!

What can you make with a round tablecloth?
This is what I discovered the other day:


In an effort to not overuse my girlfriends sewing skills, I have been fluffing around this week (and not sleeping properly because off thinking) doing all sorts of things to do with circle skirts, including dyeing. I'll leave the dyeing for another day because I did a big woopsie with that one but here is what I made in less than half an hour this morning. including multiple try-ons and back patting.


Just a simple singlet from cotton-on with the straps shortened (because I am not a fashion model, thankyou very much!), the hem turned up 10cm and attached to a circle tablecloth that has had a circular hole cut in the middle. Dinner plate size with an extra inch all round!
(The extra hem piece inside has a bit of elastic threaded through the hem casing. Easier than cutting it off and strengthens the white colouring in that area.)
Voila! I can now do my own circle skirts...or dresses.