Scrap flowers
It's been an odd week or two...

Upside down tulip....hmmm balloon?

Well it has been a long time in between posts for me, but I'm blaming the pregnancy and newborn as the reason I haven't been blogging.

I will aim to get some more refashions posted shortly, but here is a quick one I did today.  I have been loving the tulip/draped style skirts that are around at the moment, and actually am halfway through a new one made from a pillowcase.  But true to my form I can't stay focused on one project so I whipped out this white A-line skirt today. 


I added 2 darts to the back to raise the waistband up a couple of inches, and then added some pleats to the bottom hem of both back and front.
Here is the end result...

I did smaller pleats on the back as I thought it might make my bum look huge otherwise.  I don't know that I like the smaller pleats now though...Oh well its wearable for now.  But I'm thinking its more of a balloon shape than tulip (well perhaps).

And here is one from a while ago that started as a zipfront Cue women's business shirt, and finished as a little pinafore for my daughter.

I used the zip placket as a waistband.  And I had removed the collar and cut in half to make the straps.  I originally intended the buttons to go at the back of the dress, but it looks cuter with them at the front.