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New costumes from old!

Start with the usual suspects–an ugly beaded sweater vest, an old prom dress, a red velveteen jacket, trim and fabric.

Spend 4 hours beading Queen’s dress and 6 hours constructing King’s tunic, then show to happy kids!  These are for our middle school production of Once Upon a Mattress–hence the mouse and hawk theme for the cursed King.


More at my blog!!!  Now, only 68 more kids to costume!!

putt'n on the stash

I am working on stash-redux...

Tis was all made out of stash yarn. I had the white one since last summer and the brown one I also bought last year in Fall.


I finally sat down and made something with it. 

A scarf

The pattern for it is also written (in English and in German) and the minute it is tested it will be available! :)

The serious version

Previously I posted about a pair of pants I made of richly maroon fabric. Well, they were my muslin version. Yesterday I finished the "real" thing. Made of gray corduroy, with a lot of nifty details. Alterations: a slightly narrower leg compare to the muslin, pockets fitting much better, extra pocket for the company badge and some neat double stitching on the inside of the legs and the fly.   

See for yourself: 






He is happy. I am pleased likewise. 





Here are 2 of my latest efforts.  The first is a cropped blazer, it was really quick to do - I just trimmed the shape I wanted and the top-stitched.  It is puckering slightly where the lining is pulling so I will unpick that section and let the lining down some. 

The second was a black ruffled clutch purse to go with the above outfit.  I lined i with denim which has added a bit too much bulk to the side seams, but its still cute.  I took plenty of pics to do up a "how-to" if anyone is interested (comment and let me know).

More pics on my blog...come visit

Rainbow Wheels on my Pants


I experimented by turning a too large yoga pants inside-out, and sew along the seams as shown in the photo below:


Sort of a refashion/fix job.

I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but it did. The pants fit me quite well now. I wanted to make the pants more fun, so I added some color - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet:


Thanks for reading,


A NEW favourite!

This dress was at least 2 sizes too small and by opening up the design line down the front I was able to add a wedge of shirt thus giving me the extra extra room I needed for it to be comfortable. A band of bias cut fabric gave me the extra length I needed and the collar from the same shirt and cuff from another shirt added a little more interest and tied it all in.

People stopping you in the street asking where you got the dress is surely a good sign that it suits you. I'm really pleased with my new favourite - I've booked workshops because of this one!

I have been busy-- I'll spare you pictures of mending my husbands socks....

despite the worthiness of that cause, I'm sure you don't Really want to see my husbands  ex-holy socks...   besides, there are plenty of (i hope...) more interesting things I've got going on!  

here's a work in progress...

Little girl sweaterset

 A grandpa sweater I had-- I'm making it into a little girls dress/sweater set....I've been really into making little girl clothes lately... I have two little boys, so this isn't really great for them.  But I still like it..


A recycled lilac top that will be making its way on to my Etsy shop soon...  Along with the blue one below...

I was so very excited to have a couple of sales in my little shop already.. (I know, It's only been 6 weeks.. but hey, it's already to me-- when I really thought it might possibly be never... How's that for confidence in myself? I just didn't know-- if anyone would like my things enough or not! )

Anyway-- I find it fun to make things for other people--  I'm glad there are people out there who appreciate another person's creative endeavors enough to offer their support..  Very cool.

Midnightblue back

I must confess and apologize...that I am biased towards making clothes in my size..  I do have a few different sizes in the shop, and I'm happy to do custom orders (in fact, one of my sales was custom it!) -- And I do plan on making more diverse things...  But the insecure part of me says to make things in my size so that if no one buys them, at least I will have an awesome wardrobe...

I'm working on it. 

If anyone likes seeing wedding dress related sewing... you can check out before pictures of a dress alteration I'm working on--The after should be coming in a few days... So I'll come back and let you know then as well-- the way....I am such a blog stalker--- Chances are if you've posted your blog on here, I'm now following you on Google reader... let me know if that's creepy... I try Not to be creepy...

(:   -Kara  (blog stalker.....)

adding adjustable elastic to kids’ pants tutorial

It's been way too long since I've posted here. I can't believe I forgot to share my tutorial for adding adjustable elastic to kids' pants.

What else have I been up to? I knit most of my holiday gifts last year, which is why I think I got out of practice posting over here. Then I became addicted to crochet and made a ton of hats and flower brooches.

Recent sewing projects include a denim skirt makeover and adding long sleeves to a t-shirt, but there are just too many to list. (Oh, I made a tie! That's worth listing!)

I've got a brand new serger and resigned for life. I'm excited to start posting again!

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