Warm pants
Not productive... but not lazy either... promise...


If you are like me and have enough zips to take you to the grave you might wanna try using them as embellishments. This is my first go at it, the pics are a bit dodgy, the tshirt looks much better in real life. I like the raggedy look about it.

Black Large thrifted Bonds tshirt $2

Hmmmmm where to start?

I sewed them to some fleece, so the colors would come through the zips when opened.

Cut the collar down and sewed the zips on the inside of the tshirt, then slit the fabric open on the outside. 

Finished, individual yes, unique yes do i like it ? its growing on me lol and I had fun making it, and thats the main thing.

Can anyone give me a hands up on how to add my entries to my blog...thanks Di