Bags galore and some gloves too! :D
Scrambled T-Shirt Scarf

The Belly Dance Gym Bag and a finally finished UFO

I found this quite bright quilted skirt in my stash last week, and couldn't decide if it should become a shorter skirt or a I did both.  The skirt needs a waistband facing (someday), so it's in the to-do pile, but I did finish the bag.  I made a duffel bag, using denim strips for the straps.  I call it the Belly Dancer Gym Bag, perfect for workshops and rehearsals:  


Also in the stash (it's a BIG pile!), I found a half-finished project from last winter - the Reverse-Applique Swing Skirt from the Alabama Stitch Book.  My version has less applique - I am far too lazy to cover the entire surface of the skirt in small leaves - but I did do it entirely by hand, totally impressing...well, just me, I guess!  Glad this one is done!  I love the book, but sometimes you just want something quick and dirty - and you need a machine for that!

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