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New bras !!!

Hello refashionistas !!!  It has been a LONG time that I have not posted.  

I took a workshop on BRA making last week-end and I would like to show you what I made.  It is not a refashion but I plan on using the patterns with old t-shirts and lacey clothes to make cuter ones.

Here is the first one we made.  It is made of satin and for my small bust, I added a foam padding.  We got all the patterns for all sizes and learned how to adjust perfectly, for whatever problem we have:

You can see that the underwire casing is not finished yet and the underwires are not inserted either.  This is not a style I would wear but it was the first one to make the adjustments.  You can see the foam padding inside the bra.  We also put a decorative lace all around the bra but it is also an elastic so it gives better support.


We use the decorative zigzag stitch, which is for lingerie, as I learned...


I really think this looks very impressive for handmade...  We were 4 women, all different sizes and we ended up with different but very well fitting bras.  And it was a lot of fun !!!

Here is the second one I made.  It is sexier and lacier.  You will also note that the pattern is different with vertical seams instead of horizontal ones.  We actually changed the pattern to fit my chest !  It is very flattering.

I really love the bridge part - I changed it for little flowers:


I added some lace on the side.  You sew the lace on the fabric and then cut the fabric underneath.


Here is a peak at the straps made of lace.  As I have a small chest, I did not need a solid strap.  We have to have some advantage...


And I also put in some padding:


And the neat thing about this is:  we can dye our bras with... jello and kool-aid !!!  It makes for some really neat colours !

Sorry if it is not really a refashion but I was so excited to show someone !

So, I'll post the next ones I make from reclaimed fabric.