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making pants fit & making a cardigan cool

Hi friends! This is my first official refashionista post. I'm really excited to have joined up officially, I have been lurking for a long time, and doing the *very* occasional refashion on my own.

In addition to Wardrobe Refashion, I'm trying to make something everyday in 2010, and I think the two projects/goals go hand-in-hand. Here are my first two refashions for the year!

1. Making pants fit again:

I had these black pants from the Gap forever, and they used to fit quite loosely and I wore them all the time, but that was a long time ago. I could still get them on, but they were awfully tight and horrible looking. Here's the before:


The topstitching on the pants is a very bright yellow, so I decided I would make them fit again using inserts on the side seams in bright yellow. I have a ton of upholstery weight fabric laying around (my mom used to be an interior decorator and would bring me all the ends/samples that the store was going to throw out), so I used a lightweight damask in yellow. The effect is sort of taxi-cab like, but I like it! Anyway, now I have another pair of casual pants to wear, and who doesn't need that?


My second refashion involved  plain, boring cardigan that I got at Target back when I still had an office job. Since I no longer work in an office (rather, at home) I don't think I should have to suffer boring "business casual" anymore. So, I added some flair. Before:


I made two very long sashes out of stash charcoal gray cotton jersey and attached them to the center front of the cardigan. I snipped a hole in one side seam so I could thread one of the sashes through and wrap it around the front. Since the cardigan had 3/4 sleeves, I decided to lengthen them as well, using more of the cotton jersey to make little bell cuffs. Now this is going to be something that I wear all the time (it's winter here and I always need another layer).


I love refashioning! I predict I will be using the same treatment on a number of other old, boring cardigans in my closet. :) You can see all of my daily projects (not all of them refashions, but lots of sewing) on my Flickr. Thanks! :)