Lurker to learner
First Refashion of 2010

Hello there from willywagtail!

I decided to join in the fun after reading Wardrobe Refashion for just a few months and being inspired by the amazing refashioning to be found here. I guess I was already using old fabrics and garments in my bag making processes but had never even thought of doing and more than changing the hemline or side seams of a garment.

DSCF9890  Thankyou to nikkishell and all those who have blogged here for helping to open my eyes to this wonderful craft.

I have been a sewer all my life, making both my own clothes as well as my husband's and children's as well as household items like curtains. Unfortunately, the depression that result from years of abuse has had bad effects both on my ability to take on big projects and also on my figure. Since my marriage breakup I have added three clothing sizes which I have attempted to cover over with blouses and shirts because I don't know what suits me anymore. I also no longer have the money to be kitted out in boutique style (did I ever?!), so the challenge to refashion existing items has come at a perfect time for me.
 I love the idea of buying good used clothing for almost peanuts and then taking the scissors to it and making it into a unique item. I would never dare to do this with something that had cost me $20 or $30.
I am going to go for the 4 month challenge as I have already tried the 2 month one before signing up.
Well that's all for now folks but I hope to get into the sewing end of this work soon and will keep you updated on that. Until then you can find more of my previous work on my blog willywagtail .