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An Education Dress

Fabric refashion

I'm still yet to do a proper refashion since joining Wardrobe Refashion! Although I have been refashioning a piece of fabric! I bought this Armani fabric from ebay and I wasn't really expecting it to look like this:

Fabric It's obviously really good quality fabric but those zigzaggy white stitches are very headache/motion sickness inducing! I really should have returned it... but I convinced myself that I'd dye it and it would be better (yeah, right).

Anyway, the night before last my boyfriend was making me watch yet ANOTHER episode of Air Crash Investigation (I think we've seen them all now, thank God), so I decided to pull out the white threads in random fashion. So far it looks like this:


It's not finished yet (it's a really time consuming job that's best done while watching TV), but it's much better and no longer makes me want to literally throw up all over it. I also like where the thread has broken off half way up the fabric. I think I'm going to keep it like that. 

Not sure what I'm going to make yet. Maybe a 1950s style dress? Any ideas? If anyone's interested, you can visit my blog here.