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granny sweaters are awesome!

so... I like little old lady sweaters. I think they're pretty.. Especially after some fitting and updating-   I'm refashioning this one--



I've also added a couple things to the shop, if anyone's interested in checking that out....

And, just a little scavenging success from today-- My little boys got some cars in a zip up case from the grandparents, and the case kind of got torn up and became pretty useless, so my husband was going to throw it out--   BUT  not before I took the perfectly good zipper!!   I wonder how many times people miss using perfectly fine things, just because we've become so used to throwing stuff out??

Here's to being resourceful!   


minimal wardrobe improvements

i recently renewed my refashion pledge for 6 more months (before, i did 4) but what i'm beginning to realize the most is that i don't really have the need for mountains of clothing. depending on the season, i tend to wear my clothing in blocks where i'm rotating and wearing about the same thing for weeks, then move on to something else. sometimes i'm surprised at how much clothing a lot of people on the blog tend to make. i'll feel like i'm falling behind but then realize that i don't really need anything new. so, if nothing else, this pledge is helping me spend even less money on clothes than i did before and, even if it's only out of sheer laziness, i am taking good advantage of the good clothes i already have.

that being said...i finished working on the remainder of the salmon-colored $5 cashmere sweater i got to make my sister a cashmere scarf for christmas. the sweater was gigantic so i had plenty left to adapt into this little sleeveless thing. i have this weird habit of making an outfit or clothing article right before one of my art openings. i suppose that could be a performance piece all on it's own.


i took in the sides, cinched up the shoulders and crocheted the seams and all the edges. it's the only pink thing i own and i really love it. so soft...

i also forgot to post the pair of sleep pants i made for my partner out of some old sheets


i now have plans to construct the perfect jumpsuit/coveralls. i've gathered a few patterns that i'm going to piece together. hopefully, that will be the next thing i post. i want to do a really good job on it and make something that i will be able to wear and wear for a long time.

Chain Chomp Hat

You'll appreciate this if you are fan of Super Mario Bros. A Chain Chomp Hat for one of my favorite customers. I had to buy all new yarn for this unfortunately. Next up is a Megaman scarf for Chris and then I'll go back to attempting to sew. I may get distracted by resin casting some jewelry.



I'm also on Raverly. A knitting and crochet forum that is very inspiring. Highly recommended for inspiration. You can find a knitting pattern for this hat!

A baby refashion


I'm still trying to find the courage to attempt a proper refashion (using scissors and all that!) but I have managed one or two smaller ones. I had a scarf that was too short to loop round like I normally do, so I decided to shorten it even further using the shirring technique I'd seen on this blog in the past. And you know what- it worked! Now I wear it a lot, using a corsage to pin it together, and I get lots of compliments on it.


The other good news is that I haven't been buying anything, nor have I even been tempted. It might be the thought of the refashion pile that awaits me...