Sweater mini-dress

A Wrap cardigan, Maternity coat and a little refashioning!

So I haven't done any actual refashioning in a while now, but I've been really busy working my way through my huge fabric stash (that still counts right?)

Here's what I've been up to:

  1. A maternity winter coat (from stash coating) - more on my blog2009-12-11 Winter Coat 1
  2. A wrap cardigan (from stash jersey knit) - more on my blog here and here, and I also made a tutorial on how to make one yourself here2009-12-17 4 2009-12-15 5
  3. Finished dying a maternity tunic top refashioned from an old Qantas tshirt - more on my blogTshirt to maternity tunic after 1

Busy girl hey!!!