Great thrift shop finds and a sweater update
Perhaps I broke the rules... but it's handmade

Jungle love wine bag...

Wow, it's amazing how time flies.  I went back to school to get yet another degree and all my refashioning time just went out the window.  I made a pledge in November to finish up some projects and not buy any new supplies or start anything new until I'd worked through my UFOs.  I did manage to not start anything or buy anything, but it was mostly due to a lack of time - I didn't finish anything either!  So, yeah, I'm a slacker...can't do everything, right?

We got snowed in this week.  This is my third morning at home, but I have to go in to work at lunchtime.  Hopefully I'll be able to get down my still-unplowed street.  Anyways, Tuesday morning, I was digging through some boxes and spied this vest that I saved.  A friend discarded it and it was heading for donation, but I decided that it might make a cute bag.  I wouldn't wear a print like this, but I might carry one...  Laying it out on the table, I then decided that it would make an even better wine sling.  It could also be used with one of my 1-liter Sigg bottles, on those non-alcoholic forays.    I made two, each using one side of the vest.  I cut the bottle out of the back of the vest, and used the cinching-belt thing on the back as a strap.  Sorry for the crappy photos - it's hard to hold the camera and pose the bag... :)  




I have another vest that I want to do this with... I think they'd made good gifts.  I'm looking forward to working with one that doesn't have a gazillion seed beads that will disappear into my carpet when I cut into it!