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Qantas tshirt to pin tuck tunic

2009-11-13 2

I found a huge tshirt a few months ago in one of our many boxes of clothing that doesn’t get worn. I’m pretty sure it’s a Qantas freebee (tipped off by the logo on the front!).
Tshirt to maternity tunic before
I really wanted to use it to make some sort of a tunic, and dye it, but I couldn’t figure out how to hide the logo. Then last night I woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep due to the most evil sore throat ever, and it suddenly struck me, put it on backwards! So I turned the shirt around so that the logo was on the back and was finally able to make what I wanted, this tunic top!

It’s actually inspired by a little top of my daughters that has pintucks all the way down the front. I didn’t really want perfect little pintucks, so instead handsewed with whipstitches all the way up. Love it! Took in 2 pleats at the back (to cover the logo and make it fit better), and took in the sleeves so that they fit me better.

I think it could have been better, but whatever I'm pretty happy :)


2009-11-13 4