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Fun with FOE

I have discovered a new toy. . . FOE!!! Or fold-over-elastic, in case you are like I was a couple months ago and had no idea what the heck FOE meant. It is this fabulous, pretty, shiny elastic that comes in every color of the rainbow-- and the best part? It has a crease down the middle of it that allows you to fold it over an edge of fabric and zigzag over the top of it. Here is a tutorial I found to show you how to use it.
It can be used for so many things. . . making a gathered skirt, edging a neckline, hemming anything, straps for sundresses. . . and on and on.

Here are a few of my recent refashions using FOE.
These jammers were getting a little to short on K3. So I cut off the feet and added some FOE. Note to self: stretch the elastic more next time on knits.

Hemmed some thrifted pants for K3. (It is fetching cold here all of a sudden! Us Vegas girls don't have many winter things. . . an excuse to do more thrift shopping? ;0)

Added some FOE straps to a cute skirt to dress refashion.


And made a men's shirt to girls top refashion, again with FOE straps. (Tutorial for this top coming soon!)

I purchased my FOE on ebay from Lace and Trims. She sells large lots of many different colors.

So, what have you made with FOE?