Long Gathered Skirt to Mini Kaftan
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DIY Maternity shirt 1
DIY Maternity shirt 2

Well I have a little more maternity refashioning to share with you all! True to my sappy/nostalgic/hoarding nature, this top started off as a men's dress shirt, in fact it's the shirt my husband wore on our very first date. I couldn't bear to part with it. But I've been feeling a little lazy and tired so I wanted to make my life easy. Basically I put on the shirt, found the empire waist and marked it with some pins. Then I measured under my bust (empire waistline) and removed an inch from the measurement. I cut a piece of elastic that length, and attached it to the inside of the shirt at the empire waistline by stretching as I sewed and using a zig zag stitch on my machine. As a result it looks like a slightly blousy, gathered empire waist. Rolled up the sleeves and I was good to go!!

Though I do admit after a while I got a little tired of the bulk of the cuff, so I removed the cuff and reattached it at the point I had been rolling the sleeves to. I really think this top turned out amazingly, and has a really relaxed chic look to it.

To all you preggers mommys out there, I honestly think you should try this refashion. It took no time at all, and is for sure a beginner level sewing project.

Here's the post on my blog