More Ruffles on Another Apron
New Skirt for Spring!

Mysterious Crochet Activity


I have been spending considerable time away from the sewing machine and a lot more time with the crochet hook in the past few weeks. My limited crochet experience until now: one poodle bottle cover, a granny rug and four scarves. It was only a matter of time before I tackled one of my much admired vintage patterns. A Kimono Vest from the 1972 edition Golden Hands Special "All You Can Knit and Crochet for Women". It was the perfect first garment to make, it is basically 102 granny squares joined together. Quite simple really.


There are other vintage crochet delights I am tempted to make from this book covered on my blog Stylopath. I am officially addicted to seventies pattern books, the photography is amazing. I made the kimono vest from some beautiful black wool I found at a local op shop. I was tempted to mix it up with coloured granny squares as featured in the original pattern book but figured black was the way to go to maximize the potential of wearing this often.

A minor footnote to mention I also whipped up my fifth scarf. Although I am officially trying to avoid making more scarves, in an attempt to develop some more complex crochet skills, I did promise one to a friend in the USA. I learned a new stitch called shell and arches for this one skein scarf. I thought it was a great pattern for the light bone coloured wool and a good seasonal choice. I hope you like it Debsga.