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Moth-eaten sweater = hotwater bottle cover!

Okay, so as far as making fashion goes, I have been pretty slack, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reducing, reusing or recycling! I had an old jumper (or sweater for Americans) that was totally felted and massively moth-eaten. But it was pure cream coloured wool! And had these beautiful cables on the front, that the moths hadn't yet chomped on.

So I decided to cut the uneaten pieces into hot water bottle covers. If you look carefully below you can see some small darker spots on the jumper. That's where the moths had chewed through. Particularly on the sleeves.I haven't decided what to do with the rest of the jumper, but I just can't bear to throw it out. Maybe mittens?

Anyway here is the jumper after I have cut the pieces for the hot water bottle covers. I just traced around the hot water bottle to get the right size and shape. I decided the ribbing at the bottom of the jumper would be great for around the top of the hot water bottle cover.

Moth eaten 001 So I have my two pieces, front and back:

Moth eaten 002
Sadly, even these have a couple of  little moth holes... Never mind, I will darn those.

Then I stitched the pices together inside out using the sewing machine. You can do this with lots of knits, even if they aren't felted. Needless to say, felted knits have less chance of getting a run or dropped stitch in them.
Moth eaten 003
As you can see, there is no unravelling of the knitting because it is felted. (Unintenitonally, I might add!)

Then you turn it inside out and slip it over your hot water bottle! Voila! An Aran hot water bottle cover!

If you're worried about the cover coming off the water bottle (although its pretty snug - mine hasn't come out of its cover), you can add some buttons and loops from front to back at the top (over the bottle's "shoulders") to stop the bottle sliding out.

Moth eaten 004