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Post-jogging dress

Up until this summer, I ran a lot of road races.  (Jaw surgery in May curtailed my jogs for a while - first because I couldn't handle the impact, and then I just got kind of lazy...)  As a result of years of racing, I have plenty of t-shirts to work with.  I did make a dent in the stash by donating bags (and bags) of them when our running club held a collection drive, but I kept my favorites.  However, no matter how favored these were, I wasn't exactly wearing them on a regular basis, even to run in...  so I thought I'd try a recon.  I took four of my faves, hacked them apart and make a patchwork dress based loosely on McCall's 5652. The straps are the leftover collars, cut apart and sewn two on each side, crossing in back.  If I ever start to run again (soon I hope), I can toss this on post-run over my sports bra.  Please pardon the crappy photo - I usually wait until someone else is home instead of trying the no-flash in-the-mirror technique (which comes out like this!) but I was home alone all day and impatient...

Running dress