Reverse Applique is so metal
pledge to make

market skirt

I had a very addictive time today with Dana from MADE market skirt tutorial, everything I needed was from my stash. Thanks so much Dana your tutorial was a pleasure to use.


All cut out and ready to go, the fabric included sheeting, table linen and my favorite seersucker.



Market3 I have four grandsons and a grandaughter due in november, at this rate she will be the best dressed baby in I wonder if she would like me to teach her how to the time shes ready my stash will have multiplied threefold. 

Ive just signed up as a LIFEr, so as promised in an earlier post here is half of my stash....I LOVE MY STASH, organized chaos!!!


There is so much fabric in this room I have to use another room for sewing lol


Um no its not messy its FUN!!!!!  Happy refashioning everyone.