Upcycling some Tops, Pillowcases and Tablecloths

My Three Sun Dresses

Well, OK, they're not all sundresses. :)  This first one was once a tube top - one of those smocked tops made of terry cloth.  I got tired of wearing it and it was languishing in a drawer when I decided that I wanted a maxi dress.  This pretty paisley print was on clearance...  Just got the smoked half of the top off and added a skirt.  I think I want to go back and add pockets, though... would be much more useful.


This dress is Butterick 5147, only I still need to replace the ribbon I used as the tie with something a little more permanent...  It's comfy and pretty much looks like the pattern envelope - that never happens for me! :)

And finally, this is Simplicity 2591.  I wanted to try this out before investing in "good" fabric because it's so nicely fitted - it would be very disappointing if it didn't fit, so I picked up this fun hula girl print for a couple bucks. Could have made it from some crappy stash fabric, but just in case it worked..this will be fun. Fortunately, I love it and will definitely try this one again!  Sorry for the horrible lighting - it was cloudy out.  Shoulda turned on a light.
Hula dress