My first post in WAYYYYY too long...
Just a few words without a picture...

Long time, no post

As usual, the summer is getting away from me and I haven't posted in a LOOONG time.  I swear it's because I'm super busy, not just slacking... I had orthognathic surgery in May, and took a summer class for my Masters, and started a new belly dance troupe with some's been crazy.  I have had time for sewing and crafting...just not for posting. ;)

Here are a couple of things I've done recently - easy stuff, but they were close at hand (and near the camera!). 

This dress was thrifted and missing a few buttons.  I used fabric scraps to cover some new buttons, and voila.  This was to make it wearable, a purely functional refashion.  My next step is to embroider it - it's such a pretty green but totally a blank canvas screaming for stitches.

Greendress  Button

This necklace was done during one of many late-night-tv sessions with my hubby while I was recovering from my surgery.  Old credit card + chain + scissors/nail file/pliers = necklace.  In order to not make old credit card = identify theft, I left out some of the numbers. :)  I'd make others, but my mom keeps stealing them.  This was not my idea by any means - someone did it on Craftzine's blog and I stole.  Bad me. :)

Necklace_fullview  Necklace_closeup