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Pillowcase top


I bought this pillowcase from the Sally Army a couple of days ago. I wanted to make a light summery top from it so I used this tutorial as a base. I had to change the pattern a lot, mostly because there just isn't enough fabric in a pillowcase for all those pleats!

Here's how it turned out:


And some close-ups:

IMG_63212  IMG_6320

If you'd like more info, please visit my blog :)


Another Tried and True

The full-skirt version!

This is Burda 8090, my go to pattern if I want a fuller skirt without chopping up the pattern or dealing with --shudder-- gathering.

July09b 027

This was totally inspired by Christy's post, because I spotted that fabric and remembered I had some!  Another total stash project! Yeah!  More pictures and a little story about why I use Flexi-Lace on my hems at the blog!

muslin in progress

i have been doing something, which is better than nothing.  this is a wearable muslin of the weekend sewing summer blouse, in progress.  i didn't have enough material to do the full sleeves but am otherwise OK with this . . . now it's just a matter of figuring out how to give it a little more shape and then hemming the bottom (you can see possible hems creased in the bottom).  i had thought of trying to do some sort of drawstring on the bottom but it's shorter than i thought it would be.  so i think i might have to bite the bullet and add some sort of vertical darts.  i've never drawn darts before and i can barely sew the ones already marked for me, so this will be a challenge.  on the plus side, i did figure out that i can maximize what length i have if I make some more bias tape and use that on the bottom edge, and i have more of the sheet i was using for the bias and placket, so that's what i'll do.

already i'm thinking to a) make one with a smaller placket and b) try the placket again, but fill it with little hooks and eyes.  that could be kind of fun.  i do like how it fits in the shoulders and it's roomy enough for my bust, so it's definitely going to be made again.  i just have to figure out the darts first, lest this "muslin" become yet another UFO.  no more UFOs!

My First Crochet Anything.

The past few weeks have been so chilly my refashioning focus has been primarily around developing my crochet skills. It's a nice way to stay true to my pledge whilst relaxing by the fire on a winter's evening.

Introducing my first project the red and purple granny rug. It wraps around me snugly so I am calling it a fashion. A basic treble group stitch increased over rows in order to compensate for my thrifted red wool of varying ply. The effect is a mountainous scape of frills around the edge.


I am temporarily out of red wool but I am on the lookout for more so I can make this an unfeasibly large, frilly and impractical rug. I have already long lost count of how many balls of wool this has consumed and am aware it will require lots more to obtain my frill level.


In between times in the past couple of weeks I crocheted some scarves. A fun easy way to practice some new stitches. The speckled grill stitch scarf, made from one ball of wool and two evenings, the first spent trying unsuccessfully to master the grill stitch, the second to unravel it all and crochet again.


Once the penny dropped and I mastered the Grill Stitch the scarf took no time at all. Well less than an hour.


My next challenge was a variation on the grill stitch with a chunkier crochet hook and some chenille wool that reminds me of eyelashes.
I embarked on not one but two ridiculously long scarves. One for my Fiance, it made a timely birthday present last week and one for me. Not to be matchy matchy but because they are lots of fun to wear and somewhat magical. Oh yes and very very warm.


More magical scarf adventures on my blog. Including my first animation. Oops this post is starting to sound a bit Fisher Price, sorry about that.


I am now officially addicted to crochet and do plan on exploring new stitches and items in between bits. Trying to read and crochet at the same time is proving tricky, does anyone manage that? Alas, I am missing my machines and have a growing pile of sewing refashion projects demanding my attention. I will be back very soon.

Over the edge!

Abby skirt1

These little skirts pushed me over the edge... I have two boys, and the closest girl in our family is a second cousin who lives many miles away, but I just had to make one because they are SO darn cute! This one I gave to the darling little girl that I watch during the day, her personality fits this skirt to a T! I have plans to make more if I can find some little girls to give them to. The tutorial for these skirts are from one of my favorite blogs, MADE. I have used a number of her tutorials and there are many more I would love to try!

Check out more of  my refashions on my blog!

stash buster

my latest attempt at a refashion is so awful i refuse to post pictures.  i should have learned by now not to try and do something like shorten a skirt and add a ruffle in a hurry.  anyway, on a more positive note, i did make a dress for my 2-month-old grandbaby that i consider a smashing success! i found the tutorial at Joy's Hope.  since the dress was originally designed for a 12 month old i had to modify it.  I also added buttons at the spot the ribbons attach. i love it and i think it will look great on her.  if you would like to read more about my crafting frenzy, head over to my blog.  Now onto a slower and more patient refashion for me... i hope.

Cork 007

three totally different refashioned shirts

I'm not sure where all of this refashioning energy came from, but I've been busy! I bought these shirts at a garage sale last week. Each of them got a very different makeover. I'm just posting before and after pics with a link to the detailed post and more pics on my blog.

Shirt #1 was too small in the top and too big on the bottom, so it became a skirt. Details here.

Shirt #2 was made from a really beautiful fabric, but way too frilly for me. Details on the de-ruffling here.

Shirt #3 was so big it could have been a maternity top. The cute band around the middle was perfect for an apron. Details and more pics here.

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Pants to Skirt

This skirt used to be a pair of corduroy pants my husband was getting rid of. The cuff of the legs became the waistband. The skirt hangs pretty straight, but it has a lot of give.   I didn't have a lot of material to work with, so I chickened out on buttons and used elastic in the waist. I pulled it all to the back and was a little worried that it would look like those elastic old lady pants, but it ended up sort of ruffly and cute. At the end of the day I took out a few inches of elastic for better fit, and set the ruffles more evenly in the back (they are a little wonky in this lower picture).

I also cut up a few mens shirts and made some great fitting shorts for my chunky boy (tutorial here). They are freakishly easy and fast to do. I had enough fabric and energy to make matching shoes. So so cute!

More pictures and rambling on the blog.

Not-quite-summer Sweater

IMG_6983 Far from seasonally appropriate in the desert southwest, I just finished this lovely sweater!  I bought the yarn second-hand from a fellow knitter, and the pattern was free through the website (it's called buttercup).  I'm really pleased with how it fits, and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it when the weather cools down.  For more details and pictures, come visit my blog, Involving the Senses.  Meghan