Roleplaying costume for a five year old

Hello Internets!

I just wanted to introduce myself and show a few refashions I've done in the last month.  My name is Rachel.  I live in Southeast Virginia with my husband and my dog.  We're in the process of moving into a townhouse a few miles down the road, but I'm still stressin' like we're leaving for space or something :)  During the day I work as a graphic artist for a classifieds company, while moonlighting as a wannabe seamstress.  My style definitely has a vintage flare and I'm nothing if not girly.

About a month ago I found an old vintage sheet at the thrift store, this is what I came up with:

I used a simplicity pattern and little vintage belt buckle I purchased from Etsy.  I transferred the border on the sheet to the hem of the dress as well.

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I'm so glad to finally be a part of wardrobe refashion, and I can't wait to post more!  Now back to my packing!