Super Hero Cape
Flannel Scottie shorts

T-short to toddler top refashion and my favorite mending

First the top. You've seen it before, the spring ruffle top from SewMamaSew. Except this is downsized to (hopefully) fit a 3 year old. She's 3000 miles away, so I've got my fingers crossed on the size. The pale yellow was an old shirt of her uncle's (that is too big for his now healthy-sized body). More on my blog.
  IMG_1295 IMG_1298

Then the mending was from that pile I posted last... I was at first hesitant to do this, thinking the mending would not look "just right" and the hole was in a very noticeable place. But then my friend (the sweater's owner) had the idea to cover the mending site. So after mending, I did just that, pulling the collar down quite a bit and sewing it in place. She actually likes it better as the seam is hidden and it looks a little "cleaner". I took care to sew loosely so she can still get it over her head. =)
IMG_1208   DSC05672