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Stephanie N reports: an "ease-y" alteration, and a funky sweater-to-cardi modification

I've signed on for two more months.  Thanks again for making me feel so welcome in this creative and resourceful online community!

Two things to share from this past week:

1) An ease-y alteration... please excuse the terrible pun.  I've always wanted this blouse to be just a tad more fitted through the waist.

IMG_3107   IMG_3108

But I still want it to have some ease for comfort.  So I just nipped-in the back by easing some of the excess fullness onto a strip of elastic.

IMG_3111    IMG_3112


I don't think this really qualifies as a refashion, but I figured I might as well share it on here because it can be a useful technique.  It looks and feels more fitted, but it still has plenty of ease because of the elastic.  I expect that I'll wear it much more often from now on.

2) A funky sweater-to-cardi modification.  I've been meaning to convert this sweater into a cardigan.  

Library - 3348

Sorry, I don't have a better pre-mod photo.  As you can see, it had a wide bateau neckline.  I hadn't planned on doing anything other than slicing open and finishing-off the CF edges with narrow facings, then applying buttons and buttonholes.

But when you turn a bateau-neck sweater into a cardigan, it doesn't hang very nicely, since not much of it is actually resting on your shoulders.  I didn't think to take a photograph of it at that point, but hopefully you can visualize it.  Dang laws of physics, always tripping me up.

So I hacked 4" off the bottom, turned it up an inch and zig-zagged to finish-off the hem, then carved up the hem strip to use as shoulder inserts.



Laws of physics working much better now.  And it's still long enough that it comes to about waist-level on me (I'm a bit longer-and-thicker-waisted than Maude here).  I actually like the length better this way, so happy accident.

And here's the inside CF facing, in case you're curious:


Thanks for reading!