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Well I think I am the slackest poster out!  This is my first post in 2 months :-(  mainly due to being pregnant and battling nausea..but I'm back!  I need to start by using my get out of jail free card, with the bump growing I am starting not to fit any of my pants, tops are starting to ride up and worst of all I had to spend a week onsite at a client's.  So no work clothes meant a shopping spree for me.  Just enough to keep my going through winter.
I have so many things that I want to refashion, but I started off with something small today...inspired by Veronica Darlings post today I decided to have a go at the recycled shirt necklaces.  Now mine isn't from a shirt, but a scrap of material that has been lying around for ages.  I added in some jewelery odds and ends, and finished up with this...(sorry bad pics from my mobile)
IMG00216 IMG00219
Also just to post some of the other items i've finished but not told you about:
This dress for my daughter started out as a white christening dress, but we haven't got her christened.  We were attending her cousins christening and I didn't want her wearing white as well so I dyed it with black dye, and got a purple grey result which is quite cute.  I also refashioned a black dress to go underneath, from a jumper of mine, but I don't have any pics.  IMG_3068