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My bag made from 2 blouses

I have 2 beautiful teenager daughters.


Luckily I belong to a big family with 6 girls & 2 boys—I am the eldest       c”,)

Parreno christmas 2004

My younger sisters pass on their clothes, shoes, bags, etc to my daughters. But sometimes my daughters will just choose among the items sent to them and the rest will either be given away to my relatives in the province or include it on our once in awhile garage sale.

 My youngest sister gave me a pink blouse with rough shape thing design all over. I used is once or twice but looks small on me and very hard to find a match bottom that is why I did not wear it again. Then one of the pass-on clothes—was this very nice fushia sleeveless jersey that my daughters don’t like and unfortunately won’t fit me.

 So, I thought that it will be nice to make a bag out of these 2 blouses.

1-2pink blouse 

1] The jersey is longer than the pink blouse. I cut the lower part of the jersey so that they will have the same length.


2] The lower part of the jersey I cut—I sew it on the lower part front of the jersey & sew some division too that it becomes the pockets.


3] Then I sew the jersey (with the pockets out) and pink blouse (front side) together in all sides.

4-sew bottom

4] Now, the pink blouse is the front of the bag while the fushia jersey is the inside lining with pockets of the bag.

5-dark pink lining

Here it is now…I have a new fashionable bag      c”,)      luv it!!!

7-finish bag

I cracked


I went to the city yesterday with my bf and his pop, and while we were there I went to Walmart to get some yarn. I wanted a jumbo ball of acrylic yarn that they used to have in a biiiiig bin for only five bucks each. Imagine my surprise when I had to ASK where the eff the crafting section went! They not only moved it, but pared it down ALOT. It's bad enough they were phasing out the fabric section, but OMG there's hardly any yarn, either!

Anyways, while I was randomly wandering looking for the craft section (thinking that I must have lost my mind, because there's towels where it used to be!), I walked past the dreaded clearance section :( After being confronted with the dismal choice of (EXPENSIVE!) yarns that they had left, I walked back to it wondering if anything might stike my fancy for my bf (he rarely buys stuff for himself, it's me and his parents who buy his clothes :P). ACK! WHAT WAS I THINKING!

Walmart tops

 That's right. A foil-printed raindow zebra ($7) and Optimus Prime ($4). Both are for me. On an up-note, this is the first brand-new garment(s) I've bought for myself since last September, and that was a shirt for work. Holy crap, I just counted out the months, and that's EIGHT MONTHS of no new clothes! Wow, ok, now I'm actually kinda proud of myself! :D

Forgive me, pleeeeeeease? *puppy face*

I'm such a bedsheet junky*

* is that really a sentence I'd ever thought I'd type?

Well, it's true, as here is *another* bedsheet turned refashionista wonderpiece from my sewing room straight to you in blogland!


It's a gorgeous teenage pattern from McCalls circa 1970s and thrifted from an op shop in Wagga Wagga, and the material is a big cotton bedsheet op shopped somewhere recently (perhaps Dulwich Hill - not sure) and even the zip is thirfted. YAY!

I just have to sew up the hem now!

Oh, but this pattern had the armhole lining sections, but not the neckline lining bits (incomplete pieces), so once I'd made the front and back bits (and before sewing the shoulder seams), I laid down the pieces (folded in half for the front bit) and cut an exact lining FREE STYLE. I'm very proud, cause I do tend to lean on patterns a bit too much, and frankly I've sewn enough now to be a big girl and not stress when I'm missing pattern pieces. LOL!

For more detailed pics (and some hilarious facial expressions in a photo shoot) see my crafty adventures blog!

See ya!

Oh no... it makes me look like a pirate.


I made the basic skirt ages ago, I spent ages 'pleating out' the red from the top. I thought it would look cute but I was wrong, I looked like I was going to loot a ship. So it went back into stash and I forgot about it. Until now - looking for fabric to make my bow bags, I came across it again, and decided to add some ruffles. The aim was to break up the expanse of red stripiness but it hasn't really worked.


What do you all think? More? Less? Different colours? I am determined to finish it and I know (for a fact) you clever people will come up with some equally clever ideas!

I do sometimes have successes, honest! Check out my blog if you want proof :)

one more skort

I'm so proud & very happy of my gray skorts that I made from my long skirt last year. That was my very 1st time to try to sew shorts or skorts.



Early this year, I thought of transforming my pink sports Capri into sports skort. Since, I don’t like wearing yoga or Capri pants when playing badminton ( I feel hot in pants).

1-make like this

1] Here's my light pink skort that I am using in my badminton games.
I made sure that I have studied all the parts of this skort just to make sure I can duplicate it.

2-cut capri
2] I have dark pink sports Capri and I cut it into half.

Upper part will be the short inside. The 2 legs of  Capri were both cut on one part, then sewn together to make a skirt.



3] Slits were cut on both sides of the skirt...Then skirt was sewn on top of the short.


Ta-daaaa!!! My new dark pink skort!


Note: If you will notice—I made a mistake in measuring    c”,)   the short is longer than the skirt


But to be honest—I think this is better than the 1st skort I made—the gray skort above. This is cleaner, much improved sewing style….I am so happy       c”,)


t-shirt into toddler dress, jeans into pencil case + coffee sleeve

June has been such a busy month! I've been making wedding, birthday, anniversary and Father's Day gifts, and haven't had much time for anything else. Today I finished a proper refashion and I'm excited to get back to doing more! Here's the original shirt:

And here's the final dress. It's a little big, but I'm hoping that she'll grow into it by the end of summer.

You can see more pictures (too many, probably) on my blog.

My brother's birthday gift, which was a pencil case and adjustable coffee sleeve, was made out of jeans from Freecycle, a thrifted zipper, pony tail elastic and fabric scraps. Blogged about here.

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I'm a good little refashioner, I swear!

I got various stuffs done, which makes me feel accomplished! I finished up 3 crochet projects.

This is made from leftover yarn from my boyfriend's mother. She makes felted slippers and mittens with this stuff. I used 5 colours and have teeny balls leftover of 3 colours, which I want to make crocheted flowers out of. Started in late May, finished last night, or the night before, I can't remember.

Scarf - multi scrap 1 Scarf - multi scrap 2

This scarflette was started in March and finished in May. It just needed buttons, which it got last night (or the night before :P my days kinda blur into eachother). It's made from black acrylic that I've had for at least 6 years, carrying black and hot pink eyelash yarn.

Scarf - pink black 1 Scarf - pink black 2

This scarf is for my mother. I've worked on it off-and-on for THREE YEARS. Ya. I suck. I kept tossing it back in the bin because the tension has to be PERFECTLY maintained so that the nubbly parts stay evenly spaced. Now that I'm a little more experienced, I finished the last two feet of this EIGHT FOOT MONSTROSITY in only two days. The yarn is actually a really soft and delicious wool/mohair blend. I'd originally bought two balls, and had to go back for two more from a different lot, which is why each half of the scarf is kinda different.

Scarf - purple nubbly 1  Scarf - purple nubbly 2 Scarf - purple nubbly 3

I also did a REAL refashion, kinda... Maybe... My boyfriend's family's dog, Jinx is 13 or 14 and is slowing down. He likes camping with us, but last year he had a miserable time on one trip. It was three days of cold and wet, and he ended up wearing one of my shirts (and trying to climb in my sleeping bag, even though he had his own :P). So I decided enough is enough, the poor old man needs his own camping sweater. Using THIS tutorial, I made him a fabulous sweater out of a dollar store fleece blankie:

Dog clothes - jinx 1 Dog clothes - jinx 2 Dog clothes - jinx 3

The blankie was 2 bucks. The grey is double-knit I got ages ago at Walmart out of the ends bin. It wasn't originally supposed to have sleeves, but I cut the armhole too large out of the top piece. He didn't seem impressed, but I'm sure when he starts shivering in the cold and I shove this on him, he'll be like "Heeeeeey, I'm warm!" :P