Pile of Baby Clothes into Pile of Doll Clothes

ok ok so now I'm a groupie!!

Robe Erikblak My son is lead singer of a band named ERIK ...yes I''ll tell you again www.erikband.com  Anyway he had a gig coming up in Melbourne last month...(of course I had nothing to wear..never have!!) I found two XL ERIK tshirts that were stashed away in a box in (that room) shudder shudder.That room is my sewing room ,one day I will reveal it,but at the moment its very hard to get into....crazy.



I cut the tshirts down to size, cut off  the neckband ribbing, added some eyelets, on purple tape from another tshirt and then used what I call 'graffiti stitch" in purple and white over on the sleeves and the body...see next pics.



The gig was awesome!!! BUT next time I have to remember to wear earplugs my ears were hissing for two days after!! But whew the hangover only lasted one day lol

Today I whipped up a gown,poncho,towel wrap thingy for my beautiful grandson. I used a blue dressing gown, the fabric is a sort of cross between polar fleece and stretch towelling. see pic above of the blue dressing gown not sure how it got there, I'm still trying to navigate typepad. It was quite easy to make basically a square with a hoody. I used the cookie monster ( correct me if I'm wrong!!) from a thrifted tshirt. and finished it off with braid/ribbon from my stash.


And heres cookie still attached to the singlet.


 One last thing i would like to ask does anyone know of a good tutorial where  I can read up on making singlets from tshirts...til next time bye