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Striped jersey dress 3

I've been so lax with refashioning, I feel terrible!! Hopefully this sickeningly cute number will make up for it a bit??

It started out as a Witchery tank/singlet top (I have an obsession with Witchery tank tops) which I loved initially, but It was just wayyy too many stripes for a whole top. I always wanted to wear it and pretty much never did… but I had visions of a cute nautical dress.  So I cut it off at waist length, added some jersey fabric from my stash for the skirt and used a really wide elastic for the waistband. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!! It kind of has the feel of wearing a high waisted skirt with a tucked in top, you know?

Oh and I also made the adorable little bow hair clip for my daughter (which I then decided I liked so much I wanted to wear it) from some leftover fabric from a dress my SIL made when she was here for Christmas. There were only tiny pieces left, but it just didn’t feel right to throw it away (as you know I’m a sentimental sap!).  There's a photo here.

So what do you guys think?