Stephanie N reports: an "ease-y" alteration, and a funky sweater-to-cardi modification

Another Shirt Dress

This was to be my "real" version of the shirt dress. I posted about my practice one a little while ago. I changed quite a few things on this one, and I feel like it should have turned out better. It has a lot more of an A-line (you can see it better in the 2nd pictures), it's not as big, and the length is better, but those wings were really bugging me. I wanted to make the sleeves a little bigger, but it was too much. I had shortened them twice and was so sick of them still turning out to be too big that I gave up and called this dress a cute swim suit cover-up, even though I think the material is awesome, and I love the embroidered stuff on the back. I think once it sits for a few days I'll get over the little quirks and really like it. She doesn't seem to mind.