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More nautical love

Striped jersey dress 3

I've been so lax with refashioning, I feel terrible!! Hopefully this sickeningly cute number will make up for it a bit??

It started out as a Witchery tank/singlet top (I have an obsession with Witchery tank tops) which I loved initially, but It was just wayyy too many stripes for a whole top. I always wanted to wear it and pretty much never did… but I had visions of a cute nautical dress.  So I cut it off at waist length, added some jersey fabric from my stash for the skirt and used a really wide elastic for the waistband. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!! It kind of has the feel of wearing a high waisted skirt with a tucked in top, you know?

Oh and I also made the adorable little bow hair clip for my daughter (which I then decided I liked so much I wanted to wear it) from some leftover fabric from a dress my SIL made when she was here for Christmas. There were only tiny pieces left, but it just didn’t feel right to throw it away (as you know I’m a sentimental sap!).  There's a photo here.

So what do you guys think?

Scraping in

Well I think I am the slackest poster out!  This is my first post in 2 months :-(  mainly due to being pregnant and battling nausea..but I'm back!  I need to start by using my get out of jail free card, with the bump growing I am starting not to fit any of my pants, tops are starting to ride up and worst of all I had to spend a week onsite at a client's.  So no work clothes meant a shopping spree for me.  Just enough to keep my going through winter.
I have so many things that I want to refashion, but I started off with something small today...inspired by Veronica Darlings post today I decided to have a go at the recycled shirt necklaces.  Now mine isn't from a shirt, but a scrap of material that has been lying around for ages.  I added in some jewelery odds and ends, and finished up with this...(sorry bad pics from my mobile)
IMG00216 IMG00219
Also just to post some of the other items i've finished but not told you about:
This dress for my daughter started out as a white christening dress, but we haven't got her christened.  We were attending her cousins christening and I didn't want her wearing white as well so I dyed it with black dye, and got a purple grey result which is quite cute.  I also refashioned a black dress to go underneath, from a jumper of mine, but I don't have any pics.  IMG_3068

Flannel Scottie shorts

Sewed up a super-easy quick pair of sleep shorts for one of my sister's Christmas gifts. It is McCall's 8934.  It's never to early to start Christmas gifts in my book! My sister owns a Scottish Terrier and so when I saw this fabric in the JoAnn's bargain bin, I scooped it right up! The colors remind me of the Victoria's Secret Pink line of sleepwear, but the best thing is, that these cost me less than $3 vs. the $30 they probably would have been in the store!

Sewing 036

T-short to toddler top refashion and my favorite mending

First the top. You've seen it before, the spring ruffle top from SewMamaSew. Except this is downsized to (hopefully) fit a 3 year old. She's 3000 miles away, so I've got my fingers crossed on the size. The pale yellow was an old shirt of her uncle's (that is too big for his now healthy-sized body). More on my blog.
  IMG_1295 IMG_1298

Then the mending was from that pile I posted last... I was at first hesitant to do this, thinking the mending would not look "just right" and the hole was in a very noticeable place. But then my friend (the sweater's owner) had the idea to cover the mending site. So after mending, I did just that, pulling the collar down quite a bit and sewing it in place. She actually likes it better as the seam is hidden and it looks a little "cleaner". I took care to sew loosely so she can still get it over her head. =)
IMG_1208   DSC05672

Super Hero Cape

I can't remember who it was on this site who inspired me to give this a try... If it was you, please comment and give yourself credit! This was a lot of fun to make, and even more fun to watch my daughter give it a test-drive before we gave it away to her friend at his birthday party. June 008

I made the reversible cape with the help of the tutorial at Puking Pastilles. I used red fabric that I got from my grandmother when I helped her clean out her sewing room cabinets, a blue fitted sheet that I found at a thrift store, felt that has been sitting in a drawer since the beginning of time (as far as I can tell), and one new piece of red felt (only because the piece I've had since the beginning of time wasn't big enough for both appliques). I made my own pattern for the applique of Captain America's shield. Yes, for those of you in the know, I am aware that Captain America does not wear a cape (I don't think Captain Planet does either). Just pretend that you are three years old, and you want to pretend you are him... If anyone is interested in the pattern I made for the shield, let me know and I'll figure out how to get it up on my blog for you to print.

I used the cape itself as gift wrap for the other super hero themed items we found for her friend.

scraps + jeans = Gardening Apron Happiness

Here it is: proabably the cutest apron I've ever pullled off (modeled here by the sweet friend who I made it for):


And I say that easily because the thing came together so easily (and late at night after I was struggling for hours trying to make a messenger bag with a double pocket)--that it was like these scraps just wanted to be this apron. 

But I love aprons, especially for dirt digging, so if you want to make one too (and you've got some old jeans you'd be happy to take the scissors to), click on over to my blog (or skip the chat and go straight to the tutorial.)

I'll be back soon with my repentant jeans-buying confession and (hopefully) some scintillating insight on t-shirt tailoring--which is what I've been doing since I posted last. No $2 shirt in the county is safe from me and my scissors.

Stephanie N reports: an "ease-y" alteration, and a funky sweater-to-cardi modification

I've signed on for two more months.  Thanks again for making me feel so welcome in this creative and resourceful online community!

Two things to share from this past week:

1) An ease-y alteration... please excuse the terrible pun.  I've always wanted this blouse to be just a tad more fitted through the waist.

IMG_3107   IMG_3108

But I still want it to have some ease for comfort.  So I just nipped-in the back by easing some of the excess fullness onto a strip of elastic.

IMG_3111    IMG_3112


I don't think this really qualifies as a refashion, but I figured I might as well share it on here because it can be a useful technique.  It looks and feels more fitted, but it still has plenty of ease because of the elastic.  I expect that I'll wear it much more often from now on.

2) A funky sweater-to-cardi modification.  I've been meaning to convert this sweater into a cardigan.  

Library - 3348

Sorry, I don't have a better pre-mod photo.  As you can see, it had a wide bateau neckline.  I hadn't planned on doing anything other than slicing open and finishing-off the CF edges with narrow facings, then applying buttons and buttonholes.

But when you turn a bateau-neck sweater into a cardigan, it doesn't hang very nicely, since not much of it is actually resting on your shoulders.  I didn't think to take a photograph of it at that point, but hopefully you can visualize it.  Dang laws of physics, always tripping me up.

So I hacked 4" off the bottom, turned it up an inch and zig-zagged to finish-off the hem, then carved up the hem strip to use as shoulder inserts.



Laws of physics working much better now.  And it's still long enough that it comes to about waist-level on me (I'm a bit longer-and-thicker-waisted than Maude here).  I actually like the length better this way, so happy accident.

And here's the inside CF facing, in case you're curious:


Thanks for reading!

Another Shirt Dress

This was to be my "real" version of the shirt dress. I posted about my practice one a little while ago. I changed quite a few things on this one, and I feel like it should have turned out better. It has a lot more of an A-line (you can see it better in the 2nd pictures), it's not as big, and the length is better, but those wings were really bugging me. I wanted to make the sleeves a little bigger, but it was too much. I had shortened them twice and was so sick of them still turning out to be too big that I gave up and called this dress a cute swim suit cover-up, even though I think the material is awesome, and I love the embroidered stuff on the back. I think once it sits for a few days I'll get over the little quirks and really like it. She doesn't seem to mind.


June09 145

Greetings from the land of skirts!  This has been finished for many days, but rain rain rain has made it hard to get outside for pictures!  This was a complete stash project from top to bottom.  Pattern, fabric, hem tape, zipper, bias tape--it was all here in the sewing room already!  In fact, light blue must have been a popular color through the years, because I had loads of light blue choices in my zipper and hem tape bins.  The pattern, if you're wondering, is Butterick 4519.

Visit my blog for more pics and some thoughts on the pattern.  I'm also looking for other good skirt patterns, because I'm trying to branch out from my core favorites.  You can also enter my giveaway while you're visiting, just by telling me which part of sewing you wish you could farm out to a helper!