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A couple weeks ago I went to an estate sale and found some cool things.  I couldn't believe how much STUFF was in the house.There were at least 50 garbage bags full of clothes but unfortunately I could only go through 5 or so because I was having a major sneezing attack. They had been stored in the attic for YEARS and were coated in dust. I found this vintage polyester dress and bought it for $1.50 thinking I would cut it up but once it was washed, I tried it on and it fit perfectly (and it's in mint condition). It's not something I would normally wear so I need your input on whether this is something I should keep as is and wear. Or maybe it's cute but not on me.  Your thoughts? If I should keep it as is, do these sandals work or should I wear something else and if so, what? Thanks for your input!

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