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using up scraps

Those of you that were around at the end of last year might remember that I asked a question about using up scraps of muslin from test garments-- I do a lot of sewing from patterns, and was trying to make some more complex things that required a good fit (namely a pair of pants.) Several months later, I finally have a solution to show.

IMG_0001 I'm using it to make a desperately-needed organizer for my jewelry collection. I also dabble in that, and have quite a large collection of necklaces and earrings that I've made to go with various outfits as a result. Which, right now, are living in two big tangled messes in two wooden boxes. This is the first page. It's certainly not fancy-looking-- I'm basically piecing together scraps with a decorative stitch on my machine and the almost-used-up spools of thread and bobbins in my stash. But I kind of like the look of it anyway--a bit modern-artsy. And now I don't have to feel guilty about throwing out the scraps!

IMG_0001 Also in-progress-- the continuation of that shirt from the leftover bamboo scraps from my skirt that I wrote about in my last post. Right now, this is all just pinned on my dummy except for the front panel, which is actually sewn on. I like the look of it, but I'm trying to figure out a) if there's a way to keep the look of it and still be able to get it on and off (due to the wrap-around pieces at the bottom, I'm not sure a zipper down to there will be enough!) and b) if it's too Tinkerbell-looking for a 28-year old. :P Any thoughts/opinions welcome! (There's a few more pics on the blog.)

I also made a second test muslin for my jeans attempt earlier this week, this time using a pattern I made using a decently-fitting pair of jeans that I already owned and some masking tape (so I wouldn't have to rip them apart.) It fit pretty well, apart from a few tweaks that I need to wait and see how they work with the slightly thicker denim. So I'm off to cut out the real thing-- wish me luck!