Carrying my baby in curtains!

ruffles, plaids and racecars

Just a few small projects this week. First, I added a little bit of length to these t-shirts for my daughter using some ruffle trim. There's an informal how-to plus a small rant about girls and boys clothing in this blog post. Shirts are from a consignment sale, trim purchased at the fabric store with coupon.

ruffle shirt
ruffle shirt

Next up is a faux Burberry scarf that I made with some gifted flannel scraps. I think this would be a good way to repurpose the sleeves of a flannel shirt. Details and specs here.


Last just might be the only Formula One applique ever. T-shirt from the craft store (purchased before my pledge). The fabric, Heat-n-Bond, and embroidery floss were from my stash. Blogged about here.

 ferrari applique

I hope to tackle some clothing for myself next week. We'll see. Maybe I'll get some time alone to sew on Mother's Day?